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INSDVD: In Service DVD

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Item: Video for every healthcare professional concerned about a MH Crisis.

Item code: INSDVD

Last revised: 2012

Length: 90 minutes


Chapter 1: Introduction - 10:31 minutes

Chapter 2: What is MH - 8:42 minutes

Chapter 3: MH Outside the OR - 9:47 minutes

Chapter 4: MH Presentation - 12:23 minutes

Chapter 5: MH and Other Muscle Disorders - 10:47 minutes

Chapter 6: Mixing Dantrolene/MH Cart - 9:42 minutes

Chapter 7: Transferring the Patient - 7:27 minutes

Chapter 8: Who is Susceptible to MH - 5:45 minutes

Chapter 9: Conclusion - 5:08 minutes

Total time is 80 minutes and 20 seconds


This In-Service is how to handle a Malignant Hyperthermia Crisis and set up in nine chapters for easy discussion that include: Updated definition of Malignant Hyperthermia, the signs and symptoms of MH and other similar disorders. A clear and concise plan on how to prepare all staff to react quickly in an MH event. Items to be stocked on an MH cart and in the medical facility. What to consider to be ready to quickly transport a patient experiencing MH in an ambulatory surgery facility to a nearby hospital's emergency room. The genetics of MH, recent study results with regard to what we call "Awake MH" and appropriate measures to consider when dealing with heatstroke and muscle breakdown. 

Dr. Rafael Ortega, Geoff Tarulli, and other staff at the Boston Medical Center used the scripts provided by MH Experts to develop this new item in a multimedia format with nearly 90 minutes of solid content.

An online test will be available soon to assure successful understanding of the content. There will be an opportunity for those who pass the test to share that fact on the MHAUS website to relay that they and their facility are interested enough in the management of MH to go through this process. In this way, MH-susceptibles and their family members will be given this resource to use when making an informed, final decision should they need surgery

We would like to thank, in particular, the following MH experts, genetic counselors, and RNs who gave freely of their valuable time and knowledge in the development of this video.

  • Dr. Michael Adragna
  • Dr. Kumar Belani
  • Ms. Bonnie Denholm
  • Ms. Jennifer Geurts
  • Dr. Marilyn Larach
  • Dr. Sheila Muldoon
  • Dr. Harvey Rosenbaum
  • Dr. Henry Rosenberg
  • Dr. Mohanad Shukry
  • Dr. John Skoog
  • Ms. Deanna Steele
  • Ms. Sharon Van Wicklin
  • Dr. Charles Watson

There is not enough room here to thank everyone who helped develop, review and produce this most important MH training tool, but without their input and help over many months, it would not have been possible.

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